CHRONOGY EYEWEAR – it’s like daylight

CHRONOGY EYEWEAR – it’s like daylight

Light glasses that boost your life

What can CHRONOGY EYEWEAR do for you?

CHRONOGY Eyewear – unleash the power of light

OSRAM has pioneered light technologies for more than 115 years in supporting mankind in their daily life. As part of this mission, OSRAM is introducing CHRONOGY Eyewear, the most complete personal solution for delivering supplemental light based on individual needs.

CHRONOGY EYEWEAR are light treatment glasses that create supplemental lighting comparable to natural light from the sky, whenever and wherever you need it.

The amount, timing and quality of light during day and night has substantial impact on our performance and health. Benefit from the latest advances in scientific research, and years of experience in lighting with personalized light treatment plans to support your health, well-being and performance.

The MyCHRONOGY App provides personalized light recipes in order to boost your performance, enhance relaxation, or help you shift quickly and smoothly to other time zones with detailed schedules. All CHRONOGY Eyewear features are easy to access and control by using the App.

Light is essential for humans. We have evolved under the 24 hour cycles of day and night; recent research shows that light can resolve conflicts between modern lifestyles and our biology.

CHRONOGY Eyewear can provide a daytime activation for more focus and alertness. It can also support the counterpart—recovery—with a warm and cozy scenario, and a modulation to calm down the breathing frequency.

In combination with the MyCHRONOGY app, unique personalized schedules of light and dark episodes, and personalized sleep and meal times, all contribute towards rapid and controlled transition to different time zones with minimized jetlag symptoms.

The understanding of human centric lighting has improved rapidly within the last decade. This is due to the recent discovery of special photoreceptor cells in the eye. These cells that do not aid with sight, but instead help with controlling our body’s physiology.

As more and more people spend a majority of their time indoors, these indoor spaces should provide a lighting that serves all human needs with respect to vision and biology. However, most indoor lighting was designed before the latest findings on the impact of human centric lighting.

To benefit most from non-visual effects of light, personalized mobile lighting tools can help to provide the individual with appropriate stimulation. The CHRONOGY eyewear has been designed to fully support human wellbeing, health and performance whenever natural daylight is not available.

And this effect doesn’t interfere with health and well-being. Especially the nighttime sleep benefits from better lighting conditions throughout the previous daytime hours. Newer scientific studies show that better lighting conditions impact earlier sleep onset times and improved deep sleep phases.

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