Light is your ideal warm white

11.09.2018 | LED

Achieve perfect dynamic warm white light for occasions when a high CRI and different warm temperatures are needed and create comfortable atmospheres. The specifically selected range (2200-3500 K) gives a fine white, avoiding pinkish effects which might occur using conventional tunable white systems. Combined with our Bluetooth Dimmer (OT BLE DIM) this opens the horizon to brilliant but comfortable dynamic lighting solutions.

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The new generation of LED modules for backlighting

18.06.2018 | LED

With the new OSRAM BackLED G3 you can optimize your backlighting applications for medium and large areas and build shallower light boxes with a brilliant homogeneous light.

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White light designed to support you perfectly in your daily life

18.06.2018 | LED

New OSRAM VALUE Flex family provides the perfect solution for all common applications thanks to its wide choice of white color temperatures.

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Try out our updated and intuitive Flex Configurator!

21.05.2018 | LED

Discover even more possibilities in terms of usability with our updated Configurator and the latest product portfolio including a broad range of modules, drivers, profiles, covers and accessories.

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OSRAM Flex Atelier: Explore more from the world of flexible lighting solutions

17.04.2018 | LED

The demand for flexible lighting solutions is continuously increasing in many areas of application. Our extended Flex Atelier now offers you even more system solutions to meet the most various project requirements, as well as the ideal modules for your tailored lighting concept.

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Backlighting and Signage – OSRAM BackLED and BoxLED G3 modules update

19.03.2018 | LED

With the new OSRAM BackLED and BoxLED modules you can easily optimize backlighting or sidelighting applications and create even shallower boxes with brilliant homogeneous light. Moreover, the square lens technology on the new BackLED modules allows great uniformity and IP66/IP68 protection enables durable installations.

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Discover the new VALUE Flex Gen 3!

19.01.2018 | LED

Create the desired lighting atmosphere, set decorative accents, or highlight products: in the blink of an eye with the new generation of the OSRAM VALUE Flex LED strips. Thanks to improved features, you can design a homogeneous lighting with just the right amount of light in a wide range of color temperatures.

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Learning from the professionals – the new application guide for backlighting systems

27.11.2017 | LED Technology

In our new technical application guide on BackLED Plus/Basic and BoxLED Plus we show you how easy it can be to form flexible LED chains for the homogeneous backlighting of light boxes and profile lettering of all shapes and sizes.

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OSRAM Flex Atelier: Explore the world of flexible lighting solutions

24.11.2017 | LED Technology

Light plays a major role from the moment the customer first enters the point of sale. Well thought-out, creative LED shop lighting attracts customers and entices them to spend more time in your shop. This is exactly the reason why we have developed the OSRAM Flex workshop.

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Light is the soul of architecture

25.10.2017 | LED Technology

State-of-the-art architecture effectively communicates a company's philosophy and expresses its corporate values through its unique design language. The harmonious interplay of various geometric shapes, the materials selected, as well as the creation of areas of communicative interaction – all contribute to designing inspiring working environments with which employees can identify.

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