Product Highlights

OTI BLE 80/220…240/24 1…4 CH

Power supply and control of white, Tunable White, Tunable Warm White, Dim to Warm

  • Driver with integrated CASAMBI lighting control system
  • 80 W/24 V LED driver, 1–4 channels
  • Power metering on the app interface
  • Lighting wireless Bluetooth Mesh network, up to 127 devices
  • Different light profiles to customize the application
  • 2 KHz PWM control unit
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OTi DALI 210/24 DIM 1-4 CH P 4-channel driver with AstroDIM for autonomous dimming

Creating powerful and efficient illumination for outdoor areas

The rugged 4-channel constant-current driver OTi DALI 210/24 DIM 1-4 CH P stands out due to its versatility for use in a large variety of outdoor applications – including the illumination of facades and buildings e.g. in RGBW combinations.

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Low-power and reliable CASAMBI control

Via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

With the OT BLE DIM LED dimmer, OSRAM has already introduced a successful device for the wireless, dynamic control of constant-voltage LED modules via Bluetooth Low Energy. The new OTi BLE 80 LED driver now offers the advantages of the OT BLE DIM and an OPTOTRONIC driver in a single device.

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Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster

Create extraordinary lighting solutions that reach a new level of elegance and flexibility. LINEARlight Rigid NICHE provide an exceptional 24V modular system for miniaturized lighting applications in narrow spaces. The miniaturized slim light sources can be integrated perfectly into the architecture to achieve powerful but amazing aesthetic light fixtures.

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