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Intuitive wireless and cable-free dynamic lighting control via the new LED dimmer in one simple CASAMBI based system

With the new LED dimmer Optotronic BLE DIM, the LED module can be easily connected and paired with a Smartphone or tablet. Combined with the new wireless control app, made by CASAMBI, no extra cabling or gateway is required. No more additional installation of control cables or complicated wiring opens a wide range of possibilities for simple renovation projects such entertainment areas, restaurants, wellness facilities, hotel rooms or retail areas.

OT BLE DIM completes the FXS LED strips system – driver, LED tapes, Flexessories, a compatible control system – all under one roof and it comes with numerous valuable features such as group control, programming scenes, sequences, tunable white, color control, time programming, remote control.

Optotronic BLE DIM

  • Independent housing with cable clamp
  • Lighting wireless Mesh network up to 127 device
  • 2 dry contacts for commercial push button or sensor
  • Intuitive control and set up by mobile app
  • System in self heading and in constant synchronization to cloud

The System consists of:

Matching components

Relevant System benefits at a glance

  • Smart Switches: any European standard button is suitable for controlling the lighting points in the network: Dimming, stand –by, recall scenes, start sequences easily.
  • Any commercial sensor with floating contacts can be used to play scenes or sequences.
  • Create time programmable events such as auto on/off, happy hour, housekeeping time, circadian profiles and more.
  • Define personalized user profiles and design your buttons in the APP with your own smartphone pictures.
  • The native beacons can be activated and used in retail campaigns for instant messaging.

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