XBO HSLA for digital cinema projection

Características del producto
  • Short arc with highest luminance for brighter screen illumination
  • A lifetime of reliable performances with constant 6000 K color temperature
  • Easy to maintain
  • High level of arc stability
  • Hot restart and instant light on screen
  • Dimmable in a wide range
Áreas de aplicación
  • Cinema projection

Instrucciones de seguridad
Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and internal pressure in both the hot and cold state, XBO lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Xenon lamps are highly explosive. When hot, xenon lamps can cause burn marks. They should only be handled when the lamp is at room temperature. Always use the protective jackets supplied when handling these lamps. When packing the lamps and when installing or removing the lamps without their protective jackets, always wear protective clothing (face shield with neck protector, protective jacket and lint-free, cut-resistant gloves). For more information see the relevant in-pack leaflets and operating instructions.

Más sobre la familia de productos

XBO cinema lamps "Made in Germany"
As the successor to the carbon lamp, the XBO lamp from Osram revolutionized cinema projection worldwide in the 1950s, enabling Hollywood blockbusters to be seen for the first time in their true colors at cinemas in Europe. Even today the gas discharge lamp “Made in Germany” is still being used in most of the cinema projectors throughout the world. Thanks to a continual process of improvement and modernization the XBO cinema lamp more than meets the requirements of the digital cinema and offers extra-long lamp life, a wide dimming range, bright screen illumination from its short arc, very high luminous intensity and simple maintenance.


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Service Warranty Lifetime
Potencia nominal
Margen del control de corriente
Fichas técnicas
1000 h 1300 h 4500.00 W 108…155 A
650 h 800 h 6000.00 W 135…170 A
500 h 750 h 6500.00 W 133…173 A


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