Dynamic light inspires.

Appealing displays for the residents and visitors of towns and cities – dynamic light has a modern, prestigious appearance, documents history and tells stories, creates attention and provides orientation.

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Whether it's heritage or modern architecture, mediaeval city walls, a futuristic skyscraper, a minor cultural institution or large administrative centres – dynamic lighting as part of city marketing contributes to displaying public buildings, historic monuments and other sightseeing attractions in the right light and according to their importance and functionality.

Dynamic lighting solutions increase the appeal of towns and cities for their residents and visitors as well as creating atmosphere, ensuring easier orientation and providing a heightened feeling of safety. They also offer more options and wider flexibility, for example via adaptable lighting scenes for special events and occasions.

Dynamic white light in particular has a prestigious and attractive impact in public spaces, and coloured solutions may also be suitable according to the building and its surroundings. Dynamic lighting solutions can be implemented particularly effectively with high impact on the facades of buildings. Entrance zones, receptions and lobby areas can also be designed with dynamic light for high appeal in the public sector.

Light is attractive

Dynamic lighting solutions for public buildings enhance urban space

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Highlight products for dynamically lighting public buildings

Traxon is THE brand for dynamic LED lighting solutions and has been implementing professional, creative and decorative lighting projects for many years. Traxon makes dynamic lighting easy – whether with spectacular outdoor lighting for mesh architecture or indoor wallwasher displays, standard installations or complex mega-projects. Traxon also takes care of everything ranging from lighting design to programming. Light can be integrated into existing building management systems, and pre-programmed, standalone solutions are also available.

Washer Allegro AC XB

Compact LED outdoor projector with high lumen output


  • Mains voltage operation
  • High output power and high light output ratio
  • Many colour options
  • Dimming with forward phase control
  • Flexible alignment
  • Various beam angles
  • Simple cabling
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Nano Liner Allegro AC XB

Extremely slender, linear LED light system for outdoor applications


  • Direct mains voltage operation
  • High power and high light output ratio
  • Many colour options
  • Various luminaire lengths
  • Flexible alignment
  • Two beam angles
  • Simple cabling, easy connection
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Monochrome Tube

Filigree white LED contour luminaires for indoors and outdoors


  • Compact design
  • Three luminaires sizes
  • Warm white, cool white and blue
  • Dimmable
  • Rapid mounting
  • Simple cabling
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Cove Light AC HO

Your choice for indoor wide-area illuminations, accents and indirect lighting


  • Many colour temperatures
  • Various lengths and beam characteristics
  • Direct mains voltage operation
  • Simple cabling
  • High power / light output ratio
  • Flexible alignment / flexibly tiltable
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Dynamic light – effective, efficient and simpler than expected

See for yourself

Spectacular dynamic lighting examples from Traxon

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