Industrial LiDAR

SPL DS90A_3 - Nanostack pulsed laser diode for LiDAR applications

Infrared lasers (VCSEL & EEL) for industrial LiDAR applications

LiDAR (>>Light Detection and Ranging<<) systems in industry applications enable industrial automation, traffic control, range finders and much more. Those systems are based on different measurement techniques such as direct and indirect time of flight. Here a very short laser pulse is emitted, reflected by an object and detected. By scanning the environment and measuring the travel time of the laser pulse a 3D depth map is obtained. With the help of the created map e.g. cleaning robots can savely navigate throughout your apartment and indutrial robots can identify human workers to prevent harmful interactions.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers the strongest LiDAR portfolio on the market with VCSELs & EELs. The variety of EEL package designs (TO, Plastic, SMT) allows application flexibility and serve a great spectrum of different power classes. The existing OS VCSEL Portfolio is offering various power levels and illumination patterns. Additionally OSRAMs new PowerBoost VCSEL Technology is delivering market leading optical power and efficiency, increased power densities as game changer for future LiDAR developments

EEL (»edge-emitting lasers«)

  • Different package designs available (TO, Plastic, SMT)
  • Serving a great variety of different power classes
  • Well established Wavelength of 905 nm
  • Leading-edge in EEL chip technology
  • Optimized for short pulsed ToF applications
  • Home Automation
  • Industrial Sensing
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Pulsed Laser LiDAR applications

VCSEL (»vertical cavity surface emitting lasers«)

  • Compact footprint with superior mechanical robustness and leading-edge VCSEL technology inside
  • Optimal power density in compact package
  • Integrated optics for delivering desired field of view (FoV), eliminating the need for secondary optics
  • Versions with integrated photodiode to detect loss of diffusor and imperfect diffraction grading
  • 3D Sensing for Mobile Devices and Industry
  • Robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Smart Access and Payment Authentification