Maxi SharXS HTI

Maxi SharXS HTI


Maxi SharXS HTI 2000 W/D10/60

SharXS HTI – this modular family of lamps unites two technologies, which transform a performance into an extraordinary experience. First, short-arc technology means that the electrodes in these double-ended HTI metal halide lamps are closer together. This makes them considerably higher in luminance than traditional metal halide lamps of the same wattage and results in a better overall system efficiency. Second, the XS (eXtreme Seal) technology has distinct advantages. The heat-sensitive areas within the pinch seals are covered by a protective layer, which means that the need for cooling – and thereby the noise output of the fixture – is significantly reduced. All this allows for simpler, more compact solutions that keep background noise at a minimal level.

Hoja de datos de la familia

Datos eléctricos

Potencia nominal 2000,00 W
Tensión nominal 105 V
Corriente nominal 0,019 A

Datos Fotométricos

Luminancia 40000 cd/cm²
Temperatura de color 6000 K
Índice de reproducción cromática Ra › 90

Dimensiones y peso

Diámetro 28,0 mm
Largo 220,0 mm
Long. del centro luminoso (LCL) 90,0 mm

Temp. y condiciones de funcionamiento

Temp. máx. permitida para el pinzado 450 °C

Duración de vida

Duración 750 h

Datos adicionales del producto

Casquillo (denominación estándar) SFc15.5


Posición de quemado Universal

Certificados & Normas

EEI – Etiqueta energética C






4008321334947 VS
181mm x 82mm x 240mm 245.67g 3.56dm³


Códice METEL

4008321334947 OSRHTI2000D1060