Características del producto
  • Light and motion sensor for surface mounting
  • Motion detection via passive IR element
  • Light sensor operating range: 5…2000 lx (measured at sensor)
  • Detection height up to 4 meter
  • Function indicator LED
Beneficios del producto
  • Protection Class IP54
  • Large motion detection range
  • Simple and fast installation via wire springs
  • DALI-2 certified
  • DALI Bus powered (No mains connection necessary)
  • Multiple sensors connectable to the same DALI line
  • Shutter included to optimize sensor detection
  • Integreatable in light- and building management systems supporting DALI-2 sensors
Equipamiento / Accesorios
  • Optional: Surface mounting via QBM 220-240 LS/PD CM KIT

Más sobre la familia de productos

Áreas de aplicación
  • Underground Parking
  • Multi-storey car park
  • Escaleras