Ready for what lies ahead this winter

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Your guide to winter road readiness

The “dark season” is almost here - time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Whether that’s driving in low visibility conditions or heavy rain, fixing a freezing battery or dealing with a slippery situation.

This helpful guide covers our top winter road safety tips, as well as a selection of premium automotive lighting, care and equipment products that will ensure you’re equipped for any challenge this winter.

Ready for extreme weather

Winter driving tips

Winter tyres aren’t only for snow. They provide better traction, braking and cornering in all cold-weather conditions – including wet, icy, and dry. If you are expecting snow, however, make sure to pack tyre chains.

Colder temperatures usually bring thick fog. In these conditions, drive cautiously and turn your fog lights or daytime running lights on. Be careful with the use of your high beams. They may create more glare and further obscure your vision.

You need to stay cosy when you drive. However, cold kills batteries. To avoid putting additional strain on your battery, allow the alternator to charge it for a few minutes before you switch on the heater or seat warmers.

Ready to hit the road

Pre-trip inspection

It’s important to inspect your vehicle regularly as tyres can become deflated, and batteries lose charge in cold weather. The BATTERYcharge 904 comes with a special charging mode that protects your battery in cold weather.

The TYREinflate 450 is perfect for at home and in the dark - thanks to the directional LED light. Remember to top up on antifreeze and make sure your wipers are in tip top condition.

Driving with a blown headlight is never a good idea. But in winter, it’s especially dangerous. Keep a few spare lamps in the car and take a few seconds to check your lights before you drive. And remember; if a lamp on one side is broken, always replace both. Check out our extensive range of high-quality lamps for halogen, xenon and LED applications.

Ready for the “dark season”

Visibility tips

LED lamps shine brighter, last longer, and produce less glare than xenon or halogen lamps. If your car is not fitted with LED, speak to an automotive professional about your upgrade options. With up to 230%2 more brightness, our NIGHT BREAKER LED range offers a street-legal3 upgrade for a wide range of car models. Secondly, headlights fade over time. Do a professional brightness test at least once a year, ideally in October before it gets too dark.

Water and snow create glare on the roads, at night but also during the day. Be cautious, reduce speed, and only use your high beams on very dark roads when there’s no oncoming traffic. If you have trouble seeing at night, you may want to consider buying glasses with anti-glare coating.

If you drive on unlit country roads regularly, installing a lightbar on your car’s roof will improve your vision and visibility in low light conditions. Our street-legal LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB DR SM4 is made from high-quality materials, making it light and bad weather resistant.

Additional tips

  • If you’re driving on icy roads, keep a bag of sand or kitty litter in your boot. You can use it to gain traction under tires in a slippery situation.
  • If you drive an electric vehicle and you’re exploring a new city, download an app that shows all the charging locations.
  • If your car has fabric floor mats, cover or replace them with rubber mats in winter to protect against water damage.
  • In the event of an accident, bad weather can slow response times. Keep plenty of non-perishable foods and a full stocked first-aid kit.

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1 Please observe any special requirements and laws in countries outside Germany regarding the use and operation of an additional warning light in road traffic.
2 Compared to minimum ECE R112 requirements. Additionally, 50% less glare.
3 Approved LED light source - only applies to the respective countries in which there is approval or to which an equivalent approval applies, and the vehicle models and light functions currently listed in the compatibility list. For more details see
4 OSRAM LEDriving Driving Lights are approved according to ECE regulations and may therefore be installed and operated on public roads. Please note: Special installation regulations apply. In addition to ECE approval of the product, individual special requirements and legislation of the countries must be observed.